MEXC Exchange has a native token called MX, There are many benefits for holding MX , Let’s understand the platform then talk about benefits of holding MX Token..


mexc dashboard 2

1. Launchpad


MEXC Launchpad provides users worldwide with a low-cost opportunity to invest early in project tokens. MEXC Launchpad, exclusively for MX Holders.


Hold MX tokens


Note: Launchpad is only available for users who have completed KYC authentication.


Mexc Launchpad

2. Kickstarter Campaign


Kickstarter is a listing campaign initiated by the project team on MEXC before launch, where users can stake tokens to vote towards a predetermined goal. Once the goal reached. The listing process starts and then free token airdrops will arrange for the participating users prior to the listing. There’s no fees. It’s completely free of charge..

mexc kickstarter

3. MX Defi


In this section users can stake MX token for mine selected tokens, MX token locked for 24 hours and distribution begin after 24 hours, you can unclock MX anytime after Locked period.


mxtoken staking

4. M-Day Tickets


This event happen only on Monday. Users have choice to claim the tickets, and it would be based on a lucky draw basis. MEXC will announce the draw results after the event ends and airdrop corresponding STFI to winning users.


It has a risk please do a research before enter this.


Mday promotion

5. MX Zone


It’s shows how MX token going.


Mx token snapshot

6. Slot auction



mxtoken reward21

Hope you could all understand the everything I explained here. If you have any other problem Please contact me via Telegram

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