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Why should we have a MEXC exchange wallet.?

Founded in 2018 and This exchange has spread 70 countries around the world and 6 million+ users are already using this exchange.

Massive amounts of newly created tokens get listed on MEXC exchange every day. We can get these token at the beginning before it goes up. So it’s very important to have a MEXC exchange account.

Native Token MX

Let’s Get Register –  Click here

Dashboard mexc
mexc signup 5

Now click on Sign up, Can register with Mobile Or Email

You can register with your mobile

  1. Type your mobile and click on Get code
  2. Use a Strong Password
  3. Referral Code – 1ADXp

You can try with your Email.

  1. Type your email and Click on Get the code
  2. Use a Strong Password
  3. Referral Code – 1ADXp

Let’s Log in to the Account. Click on Log in

mexc login

Put your Registered email Or Mobile

Press Log in

mexc dashboard login

Then put the SMS code or email Code

Log in to your registered email to have the code

After mobile combine code will send to your mobile

Verification ( KYC )

mexc dashboard 23
  1. Go to your profile and fill all your personal information as in your ID or Passport
  2. Add your mobile number and get the verification code
  3. Set Up Google Authenticator (Optional but recommended)
mexc dashboard 25

Go through the KYC process and Upload your Passport