Blockchain is a list of data records that works as a decentralized digital ledger. The data organize in blocks and sequentially arrange and secured by cryptography

The earliest model of a blockchain created in the early 1990s. By computer scientist Stuart Haber and physicist W. Scott Stornetta . This creation leads to make Bitcoin. And the blockchain had its first real-world application.

When we talk about this in a simple way, When someone make a transaction all computers that are in the blockchain receive a copy of the transaction. The way of blockchain information recording system makes it’s difficult or impossible to change, hack or cheat the system, that’s why we can trust the blockchain

How does blockchain work?

As we already know the blockchain is a digital ledger of transactions. Each transaction made through the network duplicated and distributed across the entire network. each block in the chain contains a number of transaction. Every time a new transaction occurs on the blockchain a record of transaction added to every participants ledger. So Blockchain manage a decentralised database. Database managed by mutiple participants in the network. We called it Distributed ledger technology (DLT).